Oct 092011

Saturday, October 8th

muddy stream of consciousness

wet October snow
crisp country air
muddy road
old shoes and windbreaker
lost my playlist when I switched computers
that’s okay
just Carrie Underwood today
an hour to myself
tire tracks full of water
cold ears
the smell of prairie sage baking in the sun has been replaced
by the smell of smoke from a wood stove
wet snow plops on my head
I feel like that kid inThe Snowy Day
by Ezra Jack Keats
it feels good to feel like a kid
it feels good to be able to remember the name
Ezra Jack Keats
I like the kid in The Snowy Day
I haven’t read that book in years
I’ll have to read it to the kids again
They’re not too old, are they?
that’s okay
they’ll remember it
it will feel good to remember
mud sticks and cakes on the bottom and sides of my shoes
my feet are heavy
the heaviness accumulates with every step
I feel like one of the robots in the boys’ movies
every step is deliberate
that’s okay
the robots are powerful
I am empowered
I realize Carrie had an angry phase
that’s okay
sometimes I have an angry phase too
makes me feel more normal
I’m on the blind side of the curve
I hear the truck
please slow down
please slow down
must quickly move to the far edge the road
near the ditch
lots of mud
wet feet
really wet
truck flies by
mud flies too
guy in the silver truck
would it kill you to slow down?
I’ll need to floss the pebbles out of my teeth
that’s okay
this is my dirt road
this is my country
these are my pebbles
I wouldn’t trade them
even if I have to floss them out of my teeth
yup, that’s cool
perfect run

  6 Responses to “muddy stream of consciousness”

  1. Look at you miss creative. ;- )

  2. Woah Mommy, I didn’t know you could write poetry. :) This is awesome!

  3. I love this! It looks like there is a share button, so I’m going to share this with my marathon runner sister-in-law. I know she’ll be blessed. P.S. Kian, I wish I could run and write like you do. <3

    • Thanks so much Heidi, you made my day!!

      • You’re welcome! I look forward to reading your December thoughts! :)
        BTW, I heard from Susanna this morning that she and Caroline are going to a 9/11 memorial tonight in NYC. I’m glad they could spend Thanksgiving together.

    • Thank you Kian and Heidi. I am just now able to read this..had to keep my head down for a while at the end of the semester…

      I relate to what you wrote about time alone, heavy footing and how awesome it is to be able to run like that. It’s fun for me to read because I can picture your beautiful home, area and your family.

      My father and I were so honored to be able to share the graduation and party with you all.

      I have been running for 16 years, but have been struggling with it the last few years. I am in the process of trying to “get it back”…so, thanks for the inspiration.

      Kate (Heidi’s sister-in-law in Nebraska)

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