Feb 152012

I feel sorry for the apostrophe. She must be feeling very forgotten and forlorn. That’s what I thought about today. (It’s Valentine’s Day, people! Not valentines day.)

I thought about that, and the fact that I’m trying to reconcile the Angel Food cake and the iPhone. There they are, just staring each other down.

iPhone. Cake.

Cake. iPhone.

Really? How can one even compare a cake and an iPhone? The iPhone wins.

Valentine’s Day is a day devoted to a crescendo of emotion and awesome. Ken is good at crescendo and really good at awesome. I mean – an iPhone!

I started out okay – last week. Sammy, Madeline, and I got cute cards made and mailed off to Ken’s mom in Wisconsin, and his sister in Virginia. We got them sent off to New York, along with some soup mix and taco seasoning. We delivered them, along with some Chipotle burritos, to big brother and his roommate at the Air Force Academy. But that was last week.

Initially, if I was being honest, I couldn’t really enjoy the iPhone. I mean, I just made a cake for goodness sake! A mix topped with ready made Duncan Hines frosting. And we missed two orthodontist appointments because I forgot. And I got the car stuck in the snow down at the barn. And we had to carry all the groceries up the driveway in the dark. In the cold. On the ice. Phew! And I thought I was feeling sorry for the apostrophe.

Then I realized it’s not about balancing the scale. It can’t be, or we’d drive ourselves mad. It’s not about 52% plus 48% making 100%. About the cake equalling the iPhone. It’s about 100% plus 100% equalling 100%. (Don’t worry, I have textbooks that help me teach the children math.) Sometimes 100% is a cake, sometimes it’s an iPhone. I know Ken’s not checking the balance, he’s just giving 100%. He appreciates the every day, 365 days a year stuff. The cute cards sent to his mom from his kids. The clean socks. The happy kids. The stuff of our life, EVERY DAY: that 100%.

Anyway, he likes Angel Food cake.

And you know what? I’m going to enjoy the iPhone. A lot!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. You make such good sense in everything you write. What a wonderful friend, relative and mom. Love you.

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