Jul 092012

Which is better to run in? Scattered T-storms? Isolated T-storms? Or just plain T-storms?  The hourly forecast lists a different type of thunderstorm for each hour of the day. I was contemplating which hour had the least risk of death, when it started to rain. The cold, hail infused, thunderstormy kind of rain. So, I postponed my run and I made myself a cup of Blueberry & Pomegranate tea and now I’m considering starting a fire in the wood-burning stove. Really. I am. Except I’d have to go out in the cold hail infused rain, risking getting struck by lightning to get wood, which would, of course, be wet. Who keeps wood inside the house in JULY?

Last week in a fit of heat-induced panic I called my in-laws to ask them if they happened to be near civilization? Read: a store that carries evaporative coolers. (For those of you civilized folk who have no idea what an evaporative cooler is, it’s a fan with a reservoir for water that blows out cool air. Not an air conditioner and not a fan.) Our one cooler wasn’t able to fight the heat alone; she needed help! I was worried that with the temperature in the triple digits all the evaporative coolers and fans would be sold out by the time I got anywhere near civilization. Not wanting to see their grandchildren melt and/or be subject to my heat-induced panic they kindly found an evaporative cooler, secured it in their possession, which calmed me and gave me hope.

Life would be so boring if it was warm all summer and cold all winter. I hate boring, which is good, because life is never all warm or all cold. Life is like Colorado. Or Colorado is like life. Or . . . never mind! It appears the hourly forecast should read scattered thunderstorms and scattered thoughts.

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