Feb 262013



Today’s . . . err . . . February 24th’s lenten photo-a-day challenge word was Vision.

I’ve worn glasses since I was in my teens. I am so accustomed to having glasses on my face that I adjust my glasses even when they aren’t on my face.

I remember vividly the day I got my glasses. I put them on and realized that it was possible to see leaves on trees and words on signs. I kept taking my glasses off to look at something then putting my glasses back on to look at the same thing. What a difference! Before. After. Before. After.

My vision wasn’t so horrible that I was failing out of school or falling over chairs. My vision was blurry. I had been going along in life without glasses and I seemed okay. But once the glasses were on my face and I realized that it could be better I didn’t want the old blurry anymore.

I think that’s how it is with our hearts. Sometimes our vision becomes clouded and blurry and we don’t even realize it. Like the leaves on the trees, we don’t see the individual people in the world. Maybe we can’t see the signs God is putting up right under our noses.

So many things can blur our vision. These things make it so our hearts have to squint to see people and things as they truly are.

Maybe we don’t even know that our vision is blurry. We just know that at the end of the day we have a heartache.

Let’s not allow our vision to become so impaired that we find ourselves stumbling around in a blurry haze, because we know it can be so much better!

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