Oct 282015

When I watch that rant by a woman about how other women shouldn’t wear leggings as pants, I hear, My butt looks horrible in leggings, so I cover it up with a big shirt, so you should, too.

When I read a blog post by a woman about how she decided to give up wearing leggings for holy reasons, I hear, I look so freaking amazing in leggings that I will cause the downfall of all men who see my legging-clad derrière, so to save humanity from the fiery inferno, I’m fasting from leggings and I’m just going to wear tight jeans instead. You’re welcome.

When I see a FOX News clip where a bunch of men decide whether or not leggings look appropriate on various women, I can really only hear the deep “whoa, yeah” uttered by the men as the third gal saunters on set in her well-deserved leggings. Go home FOX News, you’re drunk. Oh, and it’s so great that we now have our very own Modesty Police. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Since I don’t have strong feelings about leggings (other than that I hope my leggings–a.k.a. running tights–are clean so I can wear them while running through the streets) I thought I’d just pass judgement on people who pass judgement on legging wearers.

Also, today, after watching the Tennessee woman rant about leggings as pants, Madeline spent the afternoon ranting about her math lesson in an exaggerated Southern accent using deplorable grammar. Thank you internet.

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