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I’ve been reminded that life is fragile and life is beautiful. There may come a day when I can no longer remember the specifics of each and every story of my life because memory is a fragile and beautiful thing, too. If I can’t remember, I hope my people will gather around and remind me of the stories of this wonderful life.

I want to be reminded of stories from the big events, of course, but I also treasure the stories that only a few folks know about. If left to themselves, these stories are treasures that threaten to fall through the cracks of time.

I write for many reasons; remembering is one.

This is a story from several years ago that I don’t want to forget, so I’m writing it down, and I’m sharing it in the hopes that you’ll remember and share a story, too. Then, when we’re having a hard time remembering, the story will be out there for us. I have a feeling we might need each other.

We live in a small home. It’s a two bedroom with a loft, and when everyone is home and all the beds are filled (and my heart is full) the house can be noisy and hectic (which is just how I like it). In addition to the immediate family, we often have a friend or two sleeping on our couches. The morning of Caroline and Josh’s wedding rehearsal was no exception. Caroline had spent about an hour midmorning behind closed doors lovingly wrapping gifts for her bridesmaids. Her love language is gifts! She finished the wrapping and set a brown paper bag filled with the gifts on the counter and announced that we couldn’t leave without it.

Amid the hustle and bustle, the clothes got ironed, the hair got combed, the dog got put inside, the cats got put out, and we got a dozen people buckled into cars. Even though the wedding was to be here on the ranch, the rehearsal and dinner were about an hour from our home. We didn’t want to be late!

We arrived in plenty of time, and we rehearsed. The excitement was mounting: the wedding was so close!

After driving the short distance from the park where we rehearsed to the dinner, we hopped out and Caroline looked in the trunk. Then she looked in the trunk of the other car. She had a disappointed look on her face when she calmly asked, “Did anyone put the bag of gifts in the car?” We all looked at each other and then through the cars, but no one could remember loading that bag in a car. I know she was disappointed, but she’s not one to dwell on the negative, so as we all apologized, she comforted us and assured us that, it would be fine!

The dinner was so lovely! Guests mingled over cocktails and chatted, and of course, we ate. The meal was extravagant and delicious. As we enjoyed our hot meals, Kenny’s meal sat untouched at his place.

The servers had cleared most of the plates and the room was quieting; it was time for raising our glasses in toasts to the bride and groom. At that moment, unseen, Kenny slipped in and set the bag near Caroline, and then went off to find his (cold) plate of food.

At this special time set apart for Caroline to bless her bridesmaids, her thoughtfulness wouldn’t go unseen.

Kenny admitted later that he drove like a madman for close to two hours and prayed the entire time that he wouldn’t get a speeding ticket or worse!

Gah! Kenny! I can’t believe you! That was so reckless. What if… 

Oh, God, I’m so thankful for these glimpses into Your protection and reckless love.

And Kenny, thank you. Truly, thank you. Thank you for loving your sister so well. 

I’m so thankful for these glimpses into the hearts of my precious children. 

Oh, God, may they always imitate Your reckless love.

  5 Responses to “Remembering Reckless Love”

  1. Beautiful story Kian. Your children are a blessing and your stories are beautiful.

  2. Precious memory!

  3. I have the best brother! And momma! :)

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