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I love lists. I make multiple lists every day. I make lists about lists that I’d like to make. I make lists because otherwise I’d be completely lost. I make lists about lists that I’ve lost. Lists are life. Or maybe lists contain all the important and not so important things I have to get done because I’m alive. So, yeah, lists are life. Fine. There’s God, and my husband, and the kids and grandkids, and then lists. Hmmm… I should make a list of all the things that make a life. Ahhhh!

So anyway, I read about this thing called the Bullet Journal created by a guy named Ryder Carroll. When I read about this method of journaling/organizing/list-making (BuJo if you’re hip, which I am not) it seemed like a method I already kind-of-sort-of use. I already make lists and move things from list to list and write down all the things I think are important. It’s the only way I don’t lose my mind (or inadvertently leave my kids at some field somewhere in Colorado Springs). My system includes circles, squares, and triangles, with arrows and squiggles and flower symbols which all seems to fit right into this whole new fad.

Except I write my lists on several random (cheap) pads of paper. I also throw my lists away when I either finish them or can’t seem to finish them, or I tuck them away so I can use them later. I also write thoughts down because I’d like to use the ideas and thoughts later. The problem is that I’m pretty certain that when later arrives, I won’t have any idea where I put those slips of paper with the perfect thoughts on them. The Bullet Journal seems like a nice way to keep all the various ideas swirling around in my head and the many lists I make organized and in one place.

I made a list (of course) of all the pros and cons of the various types of journals on the market, and I chose a journal.

Well, my essential notebook arrived in the mail.

My Leuchtturm1917 (Expensive blank pages)

My Leuchtturm1917
(Expensive blank pages. Well, they’re not blank, they have dots. Expensive dotted pages.)


And . . . I’m afraid to write in it!

One of the pros of this particular brand of notebook is that the pages are already numbered. This, it seems, is also a con now that I’m faced with actually writing in it. What if my list slants amateurishly down the page? What if (what if? haha!)  I mess up and have to tear out a page? Can I deal with page 17 following page 14? Gah!

I’m suffering from a bit of atelophobia: fear of imperfection. Since this pretty notebook still sits unused on the coffee table, and I’m still using random cheap pieces of paper to make lists, I got on Pinterest for some inspiration and guidance about how to set up my Bullet Journal, and OhLawdHelp!

Just look at this:

If I draw pictures of clothes and clothes-hangers next to my list, I guarantee the actual laundry will NOT get done.

If I draw pictures of clothes and clothes-hangers next to my list, I guarantee I will NEVER get to the actual laundry.

And this:

This little ray of sunshine doesn't overwhelm me AT ALL!

This little ray of sunshine doesn’t overwhelm me AT ALL!

This is TOO pretty! I hate it. Which means I love it; I’ll just never be able to do anything like it.

In the time I’ve worried over making a mistake in my virgin Bullet Journal I could have sketched a drawing of a curly-haired crazy lady nagging her children to get to work and stop asking what’s for dinner beside my menu plan for next week.

I’m diving in.


Ready. Set. Go.

Ready. Set. Go.










Thou shalt not compare thine own Bullet Journal with the Bullet Journal of others. 


  4 Responses to “Bullet Journal”

  1. I can show you my bullet journal the next time I see you and you won’t have pretty page envy anymore. Mine’s useful, not necessarily pretty.

    • I’d love to see it! I took the plunge… I’ve always sort of done this, but never kept the pages; I’d always rip them out when I was finished with that day. I’ve found that I’m more intentional if I know I’m going to be keeping the pages and referring to them. Not sure yet if that’s good or bad. I definitely need to let go of some of my perfectionistic (it’s never good enough) tendencies, so this is a good exercise for me.

  2. You inspired me! I have started to bullet journal but mine is not pretty but very functional. I do like the way it helps you integrate life together – your to do list, with experiences, with gratitude journal etc. However, as much as I would like mine to be artsy and lovely it is very utilitarian.

    • Mine, too, is very utilitarian. I’m already seeing the benefits of keeping all my things in one place. The most artsy I’ve gotten is using different color pens for my grocery shopping list…

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