Feb 262013


I failed right from the start. I started five days late. (I give myself some slack on that since I discovered the challenge five days late.) Since then I’ve soundly failed the “daily” part of this challenge. I make this so much harder than it has to be. I could just put up a picture and be done with it, after all, it is a photo challenge, but I find it almost impossible to put up a picture with no explanation. I think this points to some deep-seated fear or something. Probably this —> I’m so afraid of being misinterpreted, misunderstood, or mistaken that I agonize over and over analyze pretty much EVERYTHING!

It’s a wonder that I ever accomplish anything! Especially hitting that publish button.

Feb 192013
(for) February 14: Return

Lenten photo-a-day for February 14: Return We were going to get the chicken feed, stop for gas, and be a few minutes early for the game. We certainly had it together! Indoor soccer… here we come! Then, about 20 minutes into our drive I heard the small scared voice from the back seat. “Mom? Mom. […]