Feb 252014

I’m about to completely ruin winter break for my boys. We have to do some math work before I leave town for a soccer tournament and I’m about to make that announcement. I’m going to be wildly unpopular! Oh math, so often I hear parallels being drawn between you and life. Math and God. Math […]

Jan 242014

The internet is a strange and wonderful place. It takes approximately three seconds to find out the average temperature in Phoenix in February, which is helpful when planning a trip to Phoenix in February. It takes about 15 seconds to figure out that the cat’s psychotic behavior doesn’t mean she’s demon possessed, but it means […]

Nov 162013
Stanley 2.0

We’ve moved a lot, so we have friends all over the country, which means that when our little friends around the country are in about the second grade and it’s Flat Stanley time, folks think of us. I’m flattered. They think we live in an interesting enough place that their second grader wouldn’t be embarrassed […]

Jan 202013
The Prayer Lottery

I’m going to be honest. Our mealtime prayers have been getting on my nerves. Years ago, we thought it would be better if we abandoned the rote prayers at mealtime — the, “For this food make us truly thankful,” kind — for unmemorized heartfelt prayers of thanksgiving. Not that there’s anything wrong with rote prayer, […]

May 072012

“You’re letting her bring a balloon in the car?” “I think it will be fine. We’re just going down the street.” “Are you sure?” “Madeline, I said it would be fine. I’m afraid if I take it away she’ll cry, and it’s her birthday celebration, I don’t want her to cry.” “But you never let […]

Jan 302012

“Why aren’t the children in school?” I’ve been a homeschool mom forever. I’m totally over that whole why aren’t the children in school thing. If I had a dime for every time a person at the bank or post office asked about why the children aren’t in school, I’d be RICH! I used to feel […]