Jan 172018


a haiku a day

concerning the perfection

of ordinary


son turns twenty-one

arrow heritage blessing

sunshine with skin on


worshiping praising

hopeful thankful and peaceful

Father Son Spirit


write it down – stop time

look closely to see all the



working and teaching

running resting love making

pure and perfect day


wind and breath and soul

the air filled with the scent of

earth and life and death


the perfect day is

pajamas to running clothes

back to pajamas


a picture a thought

a grain of eternity

freeze it inspect it


writing poetry

causes purposeful pauses

count crystalize breathe


the unscheduled day

ignores the laws of nature

time is a fiction

Oct 122017

Here’s a math word problem: Jane sells eight fundraising tickets for $10.00 each. $5.00 of each ticket sold goes toward her team’s travel expenses and $5.00 of that money goes toward the company sponsoring the fundraising. In addition, Jane receives $50.00 in straight donations. How much money does Jane have to put toward her team’s […]

Jan 152017
Bullet Journal

I love lists. I make multiple lists every day. I make lists about lists that I’d like to make. I make lists because otherwise I’d be completely lost. I make lists about lists that I’ve lost. Lists are life. Or maybe lists contain all the important and not so important things I have to get […]

Jan 062017
Missing Genevieve

Early on, the hardest part was opening Madeline’s door in the morning and expecting to see Genevieve’s eager eyes and wagging tail waiting for me on the other side. My sweet dog always greeted me and greeted the day with such enthusiasm. No, actually, the hardest part was tucking Madeline in at night. Genevieve would […]

Oct 282015

When I watch that rant by a woman about how other women shouldn’t wear leggings as pants, I hear, My butt looks horrible in leggings, so I cover it up with a big shirt, so you should, too. When I read a blog post by a woman about how she decided to give up wearing leggings for holy […]

Oct 192015
Happy Monday

Do you want a peek into the typical morning of a homeschool mom? Yeah, me too. Is there even such a thing as a typical homeschool mom? I don’t know, but I’ll give you a peek into this homeschool mom’s morning. It’s Monday. Monday’s the brand-new-notebook, clean-sheet-of-paper day of the week: fresh with possibilities. As I […]