Jan 172018


a haiku a day

concerning the perfection

of ordinary


son turns twenty-one

arrow heritage blessing

sunshine with skin on


worshiping praising

hopeful thankful and peaceful

Father Son Spirit


write it down – stop time

look closely to see all the



working and teaching

running resting love making

pure and perfect day


wind and breath and soul

the air filled with the scent of

earth and life and death


the perfect day is

pajamas to running clothes

back to pajamas


a picture a thought

a grain of eternity

freeze it inspect it


writing poetry

causes purposeful pauses

count crystalize breathe


the unscheduled day

ignores the laws of nature

time is a fiction

Sep 252012

My cadence was interrupted by a glimmer of something silver hidden just under a layer of dirt. I slowed to a stop and squinted at the road. I don’t wear my glasses when I run, and I’m completely incapable of putting contact lenses in my eyes, which means I’m often wrong about what I’m seeing. […]

Jul 092012

Which is better to run in? Scattered T-storms? Isolated T-storms? Or just plain T-storms?  The hourly forecast lists a different type of thunderstorm for each hour of the day. I was contemplating which hour had the least risk of death, when it started to rain. The cold, hail infused, thunderstormy kind of rain. So, I […]

Oct 092011
muddy stream of consciousness

Saturday, October 8th muddy stream of consciousness wet October snow crisp country air muddy road old shoes and windbreaker blast lost my playlist when I switched computers that’s okay just Carrie Underwood today an hour to myself 0:00 start tire tracks full of water cold ears the smell of prairie sage baking in the sun […]

Apr 202011
The Gift

I’m feeling twitchy; for the last two days I haven’t allowed myself any time to run. This concerns me because I’ve been waking up in a cold sweat with visions of standing at the bottom of a hill and looking up. The hill is something like the ascent of the Rebel Yell roller coaster of […]

Apr 072011

Last night as Sammy hopped in the car after soccer practice he bumped his ankle against the seat-back and let out an audible, “ouch.” “What’s up? Did you twist your ankle?” “No, I got kicked.” “Kicked in the course of playing soccer, kicked?” “Nah, kicked cuz some kid was mad at me.” I’ve been thinking […]

Mar 262011
In a Box (About Me)

I’ll admit I’m experiencing a bit of discord trying to write “about me.” I have angst about being stereotyped, labeled, or put in a box. This is something I think about a lot and write a great deal about; and here I sit, trying to put myself in a neat little box. If you know […]