Here’s a list of things I’ve published on this blog

(* indicates a post I’ve republished from the original DRD)

As if

The Second Year


Eyes to See, Ears to Hear. (More notifications from Heaven)


Joy. Ride.

Would you like to continue on this bumpy ride with me?

Notifications from heaven?

Do Things


I’m fine

Breathe in. Breathe out.

This Scream Can’t Escape



Frustration. Defeat. Repeat.

I got upset with her this morning

I’m sure there are things I should be doing

I’m overwhelmed by so much these days

I woke up really early

My very last homeschooler has her second-to-last first day of school. Or something like that.

A snapshot of joy

Sometimes you’re just not the right reader.

The pre-service tip. Thoughts.

The Schedule Olympiad

Do what you love and you’ll never have to work?

Hi there! Have a latte.

My blog is lost in space

Just sitting here thinking about my phone *

for·ti·tude *