When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

That’s what they say,

but what if you don’t like lemonade?

And even if you did,

maybe it turns out that when life handed you these

damn lemons,

it also took with it the sweetener.

Lemonade made without sugar

makes your mouth hurt and

makes your eyes water.






they should say,

when life gives you lemons,

collect them in a bowl and then

paint them with watercolors or with words.

Depending on the lighting and the angle,

your creation will either convey hope

which will be beautiful

or will convey






This creating is healthier

you tell yourself

than what you desperately want to do

which is to grab hold of the

damn lemons

and hurl them with all your might

right back at life.

One thought on “Still-Life Lemons

  1. A good representation of grief. All the cliches come up short when I am sitting with my grief. I am grateful for your honesty dear one.


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